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Sculptra: Restore Your Collagen, Renew Your Confidence

Have you heard about Sculptra?

You’ve likely heard all about Botox, various fillers, and other confidence-boosting cosmetic injectables…but have you heard all the buzz about SCULPTRA? If not, it’s time you (and your skin) got the scoop on this revolutionary treatment offered at Brightside. 


All Anti-Aging Treatments Are Not Created Equal

Of course, we love the magic of Botox to minimize and prevent new or deeply set lines. When done properly, fillers can effectively and temporarily fill lines, wrinkles, and folds. There are also countless collagen-boosting serums, creams, and oral collagen supplements on the market. While many of these do provide several benefits (and a medical-grade skincare regimen is the BEST way to regularly protect and care for your skin investment), the creams will not penetrate the dermis, and the supplements will be broken down during digestion. 

What Sets Sculpra Apart?

The difference with Sculptra is that it works WITH your skin! Collagen is the most common protein in the body, used to support cells and tissue by creating a strong structural base. By penetrating deep into the dermis, the poly-l-lactic acids (PLLAs) in Sculptra work to restore and regenerate collagen production and renew the skin’s structure, resulting in increased volume and smoother surfaces. Instead of freezing or filling, Sculptra encourages a regenerative process for improved and longer-lasting results.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Once you’ve had a thorough consultation and itis determined you are an ideal candidate for Sculptra, your Brightside providers, who are specifically and thoroughly trained in handling and injecting Sculptra, will create a detailed map for where they will be placing the injections. Once clean, prepared, mapped, and anesthetized with a local numbing treatment, Sculptra will be carefully injected into the dermal plane where collagen resides to support your skin’s structure. 

After your treatment, you can resume normal activities with no recovery or downtime. You should avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days while you heal. If you are experiencing uncomfortable swelling or mild pain, your provider may advise you to take NSAIDs. 


Is it Safe?

Poly-L-lactic acids are biocompatible AND biodegradable synthetic materials naturally absorbed by the body slowly. Sculptra is FDA-approved and extensive research has not revealed any serious short- or long-term side effects. When you visit a skilled and experienced healthcare practitioner for treatment, side effects are typically minimal and temporary. These may include redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, bleeding, pain at the injection site, itching, and bumps. Bumps and lumps can be associated with any superficial injection; however, they have not been noted as serious or lasting adverse effects when studied by medical investigators. 

How Long do Results Last?

While some patients report immediately noticeable results, they typically appear gradually over a couple of months. Most patients receive two to four monthly treatments, varying based on their unique skin and goals. You will see the full effect after three to six weeks from your final treatment. The positive effects from Sculptra will last much longer than those from Botox or typical dermal fillers; however, it is still considered a semi-permanent treatment – meaning you will likely need to return occasionally (once every year or two, on average) for touch-ups. 

Sculptra is a safe cosmetic procedure offered at Brightside and it is used to reduce deep wrinkles and improve skin texture. If you have indentations, fine lines, or thin and loosening skin that you want to improve or eliminate, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced practitioners so we can help you get one step closer to looking and feeling your very best!